20 Apr, 2021
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A warm welcome and heartiest thanks for visiting the official portal of Fraser’s Hill Development Corporation (FHDC)!
FHDC play an important role to convey all information covering all aspects of the state of Pahang to the public. With the establishment of this portal, have proven FHDC’s concern over developments in the Information Technology (ICT).
Hence, this site was developed to facilitate the tourists/visitors locally and abroad to get fast and efficient information about Pahang as their travelling destination. This website serves as an electronic medium to keep contact between the department and its visitors.
We also did various improvement on activities in terms of administrative matters such as KPI and practice 5s quality environment to meet the customer’s satisfaction.
Lastly, welcome and travel to Pahang, appreciate the local destinations and we ensure the best in service and quality to your comfort.
Thank you,
Dato' Haji Ishak Bin Mokhtar, DIMP., AMP., AAP.
General Manager
Fraser’s Hill Development Corporation/ Pahang Tourism