20 Apr, 2021
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Fraser’s Hill Development Corporation (FHDC) established in 1968 under Enactment No 4, 1968. It is a statutory body to the Pahang state government. FHDC is fully responsible for the development and management of Fraser’s Hill

In June 1997, with the rapid growth in tourism industry, the state council decided to introduce tourism body by combining existing resources consisting of officers and staff of Pahang State Development Corporation (Tourism Unit) and Fraser’s Hill Development Corporation.


  1. Since Jun 1997, FHDC changed it’s function of a town board to the statutory body of the government to control, manage and promote tourism throughout Pahang state.
  2. FHDC as defined under section 3 (a) is amended to streamline residential development, industry, commerce, culture and arts as well as other activities that take place will encourage for the development of Pahang as the choice of tourism destination
  3. With this changes, FHDC receive grant from state government and Raub District Council given the authority to collect house assessment fee in year 1999.


  • To make Pahang state as the tourist destination throughout the year
  • To increase tourist arrival to 15 million to Pahang by year 2020
  • To increase tourist expenditure to Pahang to RM20 billion in year 2020
  • To increase tourist length of stay for 5 days by 2020
  • To assist in identifying and developing new product and destinations in Pahang to the tourist
  • To assist in increasing the no of bumiputera entrepreneurs in the tourism industry
  • To plan and assist the state government to increase investment in Pahang state tourism sector